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Now Carrying EcoPax Recyclable Plastic Containers!

In New Jersey, it will be illegal to sell and use foam containers after May 4, 2022. We've been working hard to find a product comparable to the foam containers. We are now going to Carry EcoPax 100% Recyclable Containers!

While they do not currently offer as many size options as the foam containers, they are strong, microwavable and 100% recyclable.

This is what the containers look like:

The size options we currently have are:

  • 9x9 1 Compartment (Comparable to the 95HT1)

  • 9x9 3 Compartment (Comparable to the 95HT3)

  • 9x6 1 Compartment (Comparable to the 206HT1)

  • 8x8 1 Compartment (Comparable to the 85HT1)

  • 8x8 3 Compartment (Comparable to the 85HT3)

  • 6x6 1 Compartment (Comparable to the 60HT1)

We are sorry if we do not carry a size comparable to the foam container size you usually use. We are working hard to expand our container catalogue.

As always, thank you for your business.

-Ovi Provisions Team

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